Lomilomi Massage and Healing Sessions

Mia Snow Lismore NSW Australia

Welcome to a space that is dedicated 
to inspiring us all to live from our hearts ...
to live in Aloha

is a way of being -
where you are experiencing true joy,
expressing yourself authentically,
and living your passions
with respect for yourself, others and the earth

Hawaiian wisdom has a lot to offer as we endeavour to come into our absolute fullness: living as masters of our own reality with a clear connection to our body, heart, mind and spirit.

If you really want to live beyond  what you have ever imagined is possible, you may find that some or all of the things in this site support and enhance you living in Aloha, as they do for so many others.

Client Testimonial

When I began this journey with Mia, I thought that Lomilomi was the ultimate form of massage. I now know that Erotic Embodiment Massage is paramount. Lomi makes you smile on the inside; Erotic Embodiment Massage makes you smile all over inside and out. Mia brings such respect and professionalism to a place of intimate trust that you have the confidence to feedback and take the journey deeper each time. WOW! 


In my first Lomilomi with Mia, she revealed myself to myself through her hands and words. I knew from that day that I was beginning a journey with her to connect my senses to my heart. Mia’s patient, smiling and loving way with her hands reveals sensations that touch inside. Her strong, but subtle, intuition is extrasensory and has a way of making me long for more. With Lomilomi, I could not get enough – with Erotic Embodiment Massage, I cannot wait for the next step in the journey. Her intuitive, unexpected creativity is the best part... sensory surprises. 


When Mia left Melbourne, I felt a hole in the journey. After her few visits to Melbourne doing Lomilomi to renew the touch, she began Ho’oponono healing sessions that furthered the road of confidence in self. Now, with Erotic Embodiment Massage, the path of sensory enlightenment has blown up the massage universe as I knew it. The same warmth that Mia expresses through her hands and heart in Lomilomi takes Erotic Embodiment much deeper – I feel her genuine intuition and love touching every nerve of my spirit.  Erotic Embodiment Massage is simply the beauty of Lomilomi brought to every touch point that you can express (and express you must, to receive the most of it). 


Mia’s Erotic Embodiment Massage is such an act of beauty that I can barely describe it nor wait to shout it in these words. Lomilomi brings spirit to the senses. Ho'oponono heals you with confidence to grow. Erotic Embodiment Massage lets you believe that your own senses have spirits beyond yourself. 


Words only express the aftermath of what for me has been a deep and wonderful journey with Mia.

- Client name withheld for privacy purposes

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